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Does this make me a TV Star???

Have you ever wondered about where some of your life choices will take you? Wether they are the "right" ones or not?! Of course you have! Well, when I started this journey I only thought about making myself a little extra money. I mean, after being a stay-at-home mom for over 18 years, I thought it might be fun.

Fast forward to today, (we aren't talking about this past year LOL) I'm not financially rich by any means, but I am rich in so many other ways. Ways that count so much more than money. For example, I have met SO many unique people. People, that without sharing my talents, I would NEVER in my wildest dreams have met. These amazing people have shaped me into the woman that I am today. I have learned so much more from all of them then I could ever possibly teach them.

I might teach people the step-by-step basics of painting a painting, but, oh my, all my new friends have taught me to believe in myself, to have confidence, to trust others, to believe in others and on and on..... this is priceless to me!! Yet, I think the main reason I continue to move forward in this career is the smiles. It warms my heart to see everyone genuinely smile at the art they have created. Everyone, from kids to adults.

Thinking of the "smiles" that I love, I have my newest adventure in the art world is the addition of the Splatter Room! Everyone seems to really enjoy it and there are LOTS of SMILES! So that is fantabulous! One of the local TV channels just recently did a spot light piece on it! That's why I am not saying that I am a TV start LOLOLOLOLOL

Any who..... I hope you enjoy the clip that I have attached for you and I believe that I will be doing more blogs in the future. Sort of want to do one about once a week just so that you all can stay up-to-date with all things art. But before I pop off of here, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all these past years of support, encouragement and of course friendship. It is all of you in my life, both past and present, that make this life a ray of sunshine to be living!! Pass on your smile everyday because you never know who might need it more than you!! God Bless and enjoy the video!!

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