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All things NEW!!

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut. Not necessarily disliking our life, but wondering what changes we could make to "spice" things up a bit. Creatives find themselves there sometimes too. So, to "spice" things up a bit, this creative decided to get rebranded!!

Now, when this whole thing started, I thought that "branding" was just a logo, so truly I didn't see the need. I mean, I just had my logo done a year ago and loved it. It took some time and a whole lot of questions, but then I understood what "rebranding" was all about. Truly, after the explanation, I would probably say that this is the first time I have been branded. And I am SSOOOO excited that I did. Everything that Erin did is absolutely PERFECT. She took all of my thoughts, questions, cares, concerns and wants and turned them into something A-MAZE-ING!!

I could not be more pleased with everything. Now, to get the fonts, colors, patterns, favicon, T-shirt designs, logos, secondary logo and such in the right place and learn how to use them all. What I have learned is turning out so beautiful.

Being a business owner can be so much work that no one sees. The hours of creating art to use for events, HOURS on the computer and social media (which is my LEAST favorite thing to do), the time it takes to order products, answer questions, learn new things and on and on and on..... Now, I'm not complaining. I would rather work for myself than for someone else. Though I mentioned the not so fun things, there are also a great deal of things that I do get to do that are not part of a 9 to 5 job. I mean, I make my own schedule, I work with people that I love, I can drink on the job and my boss is pretty cool!! (HAHAHA)

All-in-all, life is still what we make of it. We all have to work if we want to eat or in my case, we have to work if we want to shop and go on vacations. LOL!! To me, the glass is always have FULL (actually it's refillable), the sun always shines above the clouds, rainy days are for the ducks cause they need a good day too and the grass is always green on my side because I have God's grace and mercy.

So here is my challenge to you: I want you to to go out and MAKE it a GREAT day!! If you only go out to "have" a great day, chances are something won't go right and you will focus on that the rest of the day. So, if you choose to MAKE it a GREAT day it becomes an intentional part of your day! There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS something good each and every day!!

God Bless,


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