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Happy New Year! Let's Have More Fun in '21!!

So, just like all of you, I find myself in a brand New Year!! The slate is clean. The possibilities are endless. The opportunities are boundless. Yet, where to begin? What should I do first? What would be more valuable? The answer???? Just begin!!

Just begin TODAY to move in a direction. Maybe that direction isn't right. Maybe that direction will lead me astray. Maybe that direction will lead to failure. Do you have all those thoughts in your mind? Or are they only thoughts between myself and the squirrels in my head? Either way, they are the thoughts that keep me in place and not moving forward. Therefore, I am making steps and commitments to move forward. Right or wrong, I am moving full steam AHEAD!!

My goals, dreams and aspirations are in front of me. Not behind me and most certainly not in the dreaded "COMFORT ZONE" that so many of us tend to live our whole life in. I mean, there are no dreams in the comfort zone. There is no opportunity in the comfort zone. The only thing that lives in the comfort zone are fears and regrets. If I've learned anything at all from 2020 is that living in fear only steals my joy and my possibilities. That's not for me and it shouldn't be for you either!! We have but one life, why don't we live it to the fullest? Well, I for one, am not wanting to pretend that this life has a dress rehearsal anymore!! Life is to be LIVED!! Life is to be EXPERIENCED!! Life is full of OPPORTUNITY!!

When we fully embrace all that life has to offer, we must be willing to change. Change is so necessary for all of our adventures in life. Without change, we are destined to stay exactly where we are. So, I embrace change!! Recently, I have made some pretty large changes in my business. Granted, the changes have occurred because I want my business to survive this pandemic, but nonetheless, it has changed. I've implemented some online painting tutorials, an online membership, closed my gift shop part of my art studio, begun adding ceramics and added a new Neon Splatter Room at the art studio. Becoming a 100% art studio has sparked a little bit of anxiety and fear, but also a whole lot of excitement!!

The Neon Splatter Room is by far my favorite addition so far. With its debut January 12, 2021 I am confident that many people will love it and it will have great success. I mean, who doesn't think that it is fun to throw paint at each other? OOPS... I mean at the hanging canvases. LOL

Along with the Neon Splatter room, there will also be neon painting parties, ceramics, marbling classes, wooden sign classes, fluid art classes and SO MUCH MORE!

In closing, I hope that each of you find something new to try this year. Something that gets you "out of the box". It doesn't have to be big. Just a little something that you find difficult to do. I just encourage you to take a chance. Do it afraid. Be courageous! After all, courage is NOT the absence of FEAR, it is feeling the FEAR and doing it anyway!! May your day be filled with COURAGE!

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