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Stock Pro 3.8.3

Comments: First off, the weedguard does a okay job of keeping sparse grass off the hook, other than that treat this bait as if it had trebles on it. Now the good, these things get flat out bit. The 3" 1/2oz size in donko and wakasagi has caught me more smallmouth over 4lbs than any other bait I have used I think. These baits do get tore up but you gotta pay to play. If the fish are straight up chewing, a finesse jig or finesse swimbait on a open hook swimbait head is preferred solely for the fact that they are cheaper if you lose them. I use these on a select few bodies of water where the fish are extremely pressured and it seems I have much more success than most people I've talked to on those same lakes and rivers. Loc-tite gel superglue is put on the eyes as soon as I open these from their packaging, they will still fall off but it just prolongs the period of time they stay on, the fish don't really seem to care though. I usually buy as many as I can when I make a restock order these things are just too good not to.

Stock Pro 3.8.3

Comments: This Bait does wonders on the great lakes thus far, but my one and only complaint is it dose not stand up well against fish with sharp teeth. I caught everything from bass & drum to walleye & pike on this. 10/10 will be stocking up on this and making it a regular in my rotation.

In version, this corresponds to completely revised physics for the Lancer Cup, TSI Cup, Opala 79, Copa Fusca and Copa Uno cars, with reworked tyres on the F-Trainers, F-Vee, F3, F-Vintages, F-Retro Gen3, F-Classics, F-V12, F-V10s, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates, GTE, GT3, Group C, BMW Procar, Ginetta G40s, P1 and Vintage Touring Cars.

Want to enrich your standard Magento 1 functionality with a handy tool that provides customers with much more informative stock statuses? Due to the Magento 1 Custom Stock Status extension you will be able to easily create various stock statuses and assign them to any product types either manually or automatically. Apart from that, with the module it's possible to show custom statuses not only on product pages, but in the cart as well. Create statuses based on products quantity, time of delivery or any other important information. Easily manage product statuses for Magento negative stock. Use catchy icons to attract customers' attention and sell more.

With the Magento 1 stock indicator tool you can manage your inventory much more effectively by automatically displaying quantity based statuses with the dynamic quantity range based statuses. Use 'Low' status for 1-50 items, 'Medium' for 51-151 products etc. Set quantity ranges and stock statuses for each range. It's also possible to specify quantity stock statuses manually if necessary.

Display the same Magento 1 product status for different stock levels. For example, product A sells very fast and it's appropriate to show 'Hurry up! Running out soon!' status when the product's quantity reaches 500. At the same time product B sells much slower and it will be reasonable to show the same status only when the product's quantity reaches 50. Therefore, you can use one and the same status for different quantity levels depending on product's popularity.

It's also possible to display custom stock status for the main configurable product and a separate status for each simple option of this configurable product. The same logic is applied to grouped and bundle products with their associated items.

With the feature-rich Magento 1 stock status extension you can show custom stock status for out of stock simple options of configurable products. Thus, customers will be informed which simple items are out of stock at the moment.

Make your work with customers more flexible and targeted. The extension allows you to display particular custom stock statuses to the customers, depending on their group. Highlight only relevant information to improve your customers' shopping experience.

Magento stock indicator text that was relevant at the moment of purchase will stay fixed regardless the changes that may take place later. For instance, if there were 30 products in stock at the moment of order placement, the status will stay at 30 in the order even when the stock quantity is updated in time. Custom stock status texts are displayed in the order information for each purchased product both in the admin panel and in a customer account.

The module automatically selects the value for the attributes which have only one option available. For example, there is a shirt with three colors to choose from. When a customer picks up the color with only one available size, the Magento stock extension will automatically choose this size.

Once a customer chooses any simple option of a configurable product that has it's own custom stock status, it will be displayed on a product page as the 'main status'. This way the customer will see the status of the very product he/she is buying. This status will be displayed in shopping cart as well.

'Squeeze' more from Magento 1 stock functionality with the Out of Stock Notification extension. It enables customers to get notified about all out of stock and price changes and easily manage their subscriptions.

To timely inform store visitors about all your shop news use Custom Stock Status together with Product Labels module. This tool clearly displays any info about hot deals or stock statuses by placing stunning labels for products. 350c69d7ab


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