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A Cinderella Story Once Upon A Song Dvdrip

This movie is honestly really great! Lucy Hale is great at playing her role and has an amazing singing voice. She becomes strong overtime and doesn't obey like most of the other Cinderellas. Jessalyn Wanlim is great as the best friend/fairy godmother role. The others are alright, definitely not the best but still did their part well. I didn't even know Freddie Stroma could sing until I saw this movie. His voice is great too!The songs are fun and catchy, the choreography for the Bollywood dance scene is one of the best I have seen in awhile, and the story is good. The ending is the best part of the whole movie. I loved getting to see Lucy's character have her moment to shine.This movie isn't as good as the others before it. I think they could have done better but this was still really entertaining and fun to watch.

A Cinderella Story Once Upon A Song dvdrip


The lights now dance to two new songs: "Nuttin' for Christmas" from the new Prep 'n' Landing short and "Here Comes Santa Claus" by Elvis Presley as tribute to Jennings Osborne. There's a new video show on 60-inch monitor inside the Chevy building next to the big tree, which includes a slideshow of the history of the Lights and Jennings Osborne.


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