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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Adventures With John Chang

I mean I understand that type of approach if a person is in the middle of doing serious training under the guidance of a master -- but just reading a book without being committed to the training is a totally different thing. It's no big deal to just read a book -- but then people easily get superstitious I guess. haha.

Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Adventures With John Chang

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None of us are mopai students of John I am willing to bet. None of us here have talked with John personally. And people are going to make judgment calls on John, or Jim, or some theoretical spirit? please people, you're not involved in this thing in the slightest, you only think you are. You are not in the slightest involved with the real student to master relationship that "being involved" requires. If you want to make a judgment call on anything, then learn your facts first. Go to Indonesia and find John if you really need answers. That is the only real way to cut through the BS and get down to the real nitty gritty. Because I guarantee you unless you talk to John, you don't know squat.

So you wouldn't mind if you had searched 2 years to meet someone, practiced hard every day at this system which you couldn't find anywhere else, built a father like relationship with your master only to find he can't teach you because of an angry spirit!

If masters really want to change the world by leaps and bounds, if they want to create a quantum leap in human consciousness, if they want to turn people on to the path, if they want to spread their teachings to as many people possible, the ones who can should step out and actually DO something!!! Find a camera and do it. Find a public access television network and show your stuff. Get on the local news and blow the anchors away. Get in front of some university scientists and show them that you can break their theory!

There is a legit Taoist master publicly accepting students from any corner of the Earth (Wang Liping, in case you aren't aware) for a reasonable price but people still want to dabble with what they're not allowed to. I'm baffled.

Which again brings me to my same point- if masters really want to change the world, if they really want to get people to start thinking that more is possible beyond what our everyday experiences would tell us, if they want people to think on another level, they need to examine what it is about Mo Pai that is STILL getting people interested in it: 350c69d7ab


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