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Adrian Torres

Join Sunny's Journey to Uncover the Truth in Merge Manor : Sunny House

Merge Manor Sunny House is another of the very popular merge based games available to play. This one, from CookApps follows the story line of you searching through the dilapidated gardens and house of your grandmother as you tidy, clear and renovate. Each task will require you to merge and create new items. Whether you enjoy the story line or not this is a well made and fun to play merge game.

You can design everything in the mansion according to your wishes from the smallest details, including the house facade, fountain, lake, dog house, and more. Of course, you need to complete the merge levels to own the stars. The more stars you own, the more you can unlock mysterious areas in the mansion and find the best decorations.

merge manor sunny house


Little girl Sunny comes to Merge Manor one day. Her grandmother has a house much bigger than the mansion she lived in. This was part of their family fortune. When Sunny arrived, she was surprised to discover that her grandmother's mansion had been left abandoned for a long time. Still trying to understand what had happened to her grandmother and why the mansion had fallen into disrepair, Sunny decided she needed to care for the property. In renovating the manor, Sunny began her adventure by matching objects to complete puzzles. By doing so, she gradually opened a romantic love story to solve the mystery of the grandmothers absence. A love story with believable plot, beautiful imagery and appealing gameplay is awaiting those who enjoy gardening and estate maintenance. This game is ideal for those interested in this romantic pursuit.


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