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How The Perfect Girl - Ek Simple Si Love Story Movie Explores the Power of Love and Destiny

The Perfect Girl - Ek Simple Si Love Story Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you met your perfect match, but lost them due to circumstances beyond your control? Would you wait for them or move on with your life? Would you ever cross paths with them again? These are some of the questions that are explored in The Perfect Girl - Ek Simple Si Love Story, a romantic comedy-drama movie directed by Prakash Nambiar and starring Tara-Alisha Berry and Teeshay Shah. The movie was released on September 11, 2015, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

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The Plot of the Movie

The movie follows the story of Jay (Teeshay Shah), a young boy who meets Vedika (Tara-Alisha Berry) in Goa when he is on a vacation with his family. They instantly hit it off and spend a memorable day together, sharing their dreams, passions, and secrets. They realize that they are perfect for each other, but fate has other plans for them. They are forced to separate when Jay's family has to leave Goa abruptly due to an emergency. They promise to keep in touch, but lose each other's contact details.

Years later, Jay is living in Mumbai with his friend Kartik (Vikram Singh Chauhan), working as a software engineer. He is still unable to forget Vedika and hopes to find her someday. One day, he sees her in a crowded street, but before he can reach her, she disappears in the crowd. He decides to search for her online, using clues from their conversation in Goa. He finds out that she is a writer and has written a book called The Perfect Girl, which is based on their story.

He buys the book and reads it eagerly, hoping to find some clues about her whereabouts. He also contacts her publisher and tries to get in touch with her through email. However, he does not get any reply from her. He wonders if she still remembers him or has moved on with someone else.

Meanwhile, Vedika is also living in Mumbai with her parents (Shishir Sharma and Sonali Sachdev), who are pressuring her to get married soon. She is unhappy with her life and career, as she feels that she has compromised her dreams b70169992d


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