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Zum Zum Zumba Song

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Zum Zum Zumba Song

The exact origins and authorship of Zum Gali Gali is unknown. While the song is associated with the Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek it is possible that it was composed elsewhere. It may have first been performed as part of a play. The first publication of the song was in 1939 by the Hebrew Publishing Company (NY, USA), indicating it was popular among American Jews at the time. Subsequent publications, such as a 1948 recording by Meir Lokitz, recorded as part of The Stonehill Collection: Recording of Holocaust survivors and Jewish immigrants to the United States, contains alternate verses with the standard refrain. The song was first performed in a non-Jewish context by the German instrumentalist Bert Kaempfert.[4]

Zum Gali Gali is commonly used today in music education in both Jewish and non-Jewish settings on account of the song's rhythmic style, minor tonality,[5][6] multicultural and diverse origin.[7][8][9][10]

Classes consist of a series of Latin dance songs, each with highly choreographed dance movements that build on each other. The first song offers a slower beat to help you get warmed up, with each successive song building in intensity and challenge, with a few lower-intensity dance series built in for recovery. The workout wraps up with a cool-down song.

"Zum Gali Gali" is a traditional Hebrew song relating to the formation of the State of Israel, originating sometime around its creation in 1948. The pioneers referred to in the song were the Jewish settlers who built the new Israel. Years ago, this chant was sung by people while working together; the song lends itself well to digging or any other task requiring a steady beat. 041b061a72


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