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Adrian Torres

Homer Mcdonald Stop Your Divorce

Well this is a difficult question to answer as obviously any kind of book, advice or counselling that is aiming to stop a divorce cannot be guaranteed to work. Sure there can be a guarantee on the cost, i.e. if it doesn't work you can have your money back, but there can be no guarantee that it will work for everybody.

homer mcdonald stop your divorce

For some people his advice will help to fix their relationship and put a stop to the divorce. Whilst the others it is too late and too much damage may have been done. Actually for some people the divorce is often the right thing to do.

Many different relationship books I have seen some excellent advice when it comes to those difficult and heated debates you have with your partner when discussing divorce. Many people come up with answers that try to defend themselves. They declare that they can love no one else and they will be lost without the move from their partner.

Does this make you appealing to your wife or husband? Absolutely not and it will push them further into going ahead with the divorce. Some of the best advice which is given by Homer McDonald is to completely agree with all the negativity that is thrown at you and never defend yourself. Agree with the divorce and say that the relationship is hopeless.

This seems like a mad thing to do when you do not want a divorce, but what you're actually doing is taking away all of the legs your partner has to argue with. They cannot argue and feel angry against you when you agree. You also come over as being a very strong and in control person. Now we begin to look more attractive again.

Whilst this one simple tactic cannot completely fix your relationship, it is setting you great foundations with which you can fix your marriage and stop the divorce. So does the 'Stop your Divorce' book by Homer McDonald work? As I said earlier this is almost unanswerable. But there certainly are books and guides like this that will help you tremendously.

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