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Divna Propast: How to Download the Bestselling Novel by Jamie McGuire for Free

Divna Propast Pdf Free Download: A Novel by Jamie McGuire

If you are looking for a romantic and thrilling novel to read, you might want to check out Divna Propast by Jamie McGuire. This novel, which was originally published in English as Beautiful Disaster, has been translated into many languages, including Serbian. In this article, we will tell you what Divna Propast is about, why you should read it, and how you can download it for free.

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What is Divna Propast about?

Divna Propast is a novel that tells the story of Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox, two college students who have a complicated and intense relationship. Here are some details about the plot, the characters, and the themes of the novel.

The plot summary

Abby Abernathy is a good girl who wants to start a new life at Eastern University, away from her dark past. She meets Travis Maddox, a bad boy who is known for his fighting skills and his womanizing ways. Travis is instantly attracted to Abby, but she tries to resist his charms. However, after losing a bet with him, she has to stay at his apartment for a month. During that time, they develop a friendship that soon turns into something more. But their relationship is not easy, as they have to deal with their own insecurities, fears, and secrets. Will they be able to overcome their obstacles and find true love?

The main characters

Abby Abernathy is the protagonist of the novel. She is a smart, independent, and loyal girl who wants to escape her past and start fresh. She has a best friend named America, who is dating Travis's cousin Shepley. Abby likes to dress modestly and avoid trouble. She is also good at poker, which she learned from her father.

Travis Maddox is the love interest of Abby. He is a handsome, confident, and charismatic guy who loves to fight and party. He has a reputation of being a player who never commits to any girl. He has a large family of brothers who are also fighters. He is very protective of Abby and cares deeply for her.

The themes and messages

Divna Propast explores various themes and messages that relate to love, life, and choices. Some of them are:

  • The power of attraction and chemistry between two people.

  • The importance of trust and honesty in a relationship.

  • The consequences of violence and gambling.

  • The influence of family and friends on one's decisions.

  • The possibility of change and redemption.

Why should you read Divna Propast?

Divna Propast is a novel that has received a lot of attention and praise from readers and critics alike. Here are some reasons why you should read it.

The reviews and ratings

Divna Propast has been reviewed by many websites, magazines, and blogs that have given it positive feedback. For example, New York Times called it "a page-turner with a fascinating plot" , while Cosmopolitan said it was "a heart-wrenching love story that will make you swoon" . The novel has also received high ratings from readers on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon, where it has an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars .

The genre and style

Divna Propast belongs to the genre of contemporary romance, which is a popular and enjoyable genre for many readers. It also has elements of drama, suspense, and humor, which make it more engaging and entertaining. The novel is written in a simple and clear language, with short chapters and alternating perspectives of Abby and Travis. The style is fast-paced and captivating, keeping the reader hooked until the end.

The benefits of reading novels

Reading novels is not only a fun and relaxing activity, but also a beneficial one for your mind and soul. Some of the benefits of reading novels are:

  • They improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • They enhance your imagination and creativity.

  • They stimulate your brain and memory functions.

  • They increase your empathy and emotional intelligence.

  • They reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

  • They inspire you to learn new things and explore new cultures.

How can you download Divna Propast for free?

If you are interested in reading Divna Propast, you might be wondering how you can download it for free. Before we tell you how, we want to remind you of some legal and ethical issues that you should consider.

The legal and ethical issues

Downloading Divna Propast for free might seem like a convenient and harmless option, but it is actually illegal and unethical. By doing so, you are violating the copyright laws that protect the author's rights and income. You are also depriving the author of the recognition and appreciation that they deserve for their hard work and creativity. Furthermore, you are risking your own safety and privacy by exposing your device to viruses, malware, and hackers that might harm your data or identity.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to respect the author's rights and support their work by purchasing the novel from a legitimate source. You can find Divna Propast in various formats (paperback, ebook, audiobook) and prices on websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or iBooks. You can also borrow it from a library or a friend if you want to save money.

The sources and methods

If you still want to download Divna Propast for free, despite the legal and ethical issues, we will tell you some sources and methods that you can use. However, we do not endorse or recommend them, as we do not guarantee their quality, reliability, or safety. Use them at your own risk and responsibility.

Some of the sources that offer Divna Propast for free are:

  • Scribd: This is a website that allows users to upload and share documents, books, audiobooks, magazines, etc. You can find Divna Propast in PDF format on this website . However, you need to create an account and sign up for a free trial or a subscription to access it. You also need to be careful of the quality and accuracy of the file, as it might be incomplete, corrupted, or modified by other users.

  • Torrents: These are files that contain metadata that enable peer-to-peer file sharing through a network of computers. You can find Divna Propast in various formats on torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, or LimeTorrents. However, you need to download a torrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Vuze to open them. You also need to be aware of the legality and security risks of using torrents, as they might contain viruses, malware, or illegal content.

  • Duplicators: These are devices that can copy data from one storage medium to another. You can use a duplicator to copy Divna Propast from a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB flash drive, or memory card to another one. However, you need to have access to a duplicator machine or device, which might be expensive or hard to find. You also need to have permission from the owner of the original copy of Divna Propast, as copying without consent is illegal.

The tips and precautions


Divna Propast is a novel that has captivated millions of readers around the world with its passionate and dramatic story of Abby and Travis. It is a novel that offers valuable knowledge, exercises your brain, improves your focus, improves your memory, provides entertainment, improves your ability to empathize, improves your communication skills, reduces stress, improves your mental health, and may even help you live longer. However, downloading Divna Propast for free is not a good idea, as it is illegal and unethical. It also exposes you to potential risks and harms. Therefore, we recommend that you buy or borrow the novel from a legitimate source and enjoy it legally and safely.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Divna Propast and their answers.

  • Who is Jamie McGuire? Jamie McGuire is an American author who has written several bestselling novels in the genres of romance, young adult, and paranormal. She is best known for her Beautiful series, which includes Divna Propast and its sequel Walking Disaster. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three children.

  • Is Divna Propast based on a true story? No, Divna Propast is not based on a true story. However, Jamie McGuire has said that some aspects of the novel were inspired by her own experiences and observations. For example, she attended Eastern University herself and witnessed some underground fights there. She also based some of the characters on people she knew or met.

  • Is Divna Propast suitable for young readers? Divna Propast is classified as a new adult novel, which means it is intended for readers who are 18 years or older. The novel contains explicit language, sexual content, violence, and mature themes that may not be appropriate for younger readers. Therefore, parental guidance and discretion are advised.

  • How many pages is Divna Propast? The original English version of Divna Propast has 432 pages in paperback format. The Serbian translation has 416 pages in paperback format.

  • Is there a movie adaptation of Divna Propast? There is no official movie adaptation of Divna Propast yet. However, there have been rumors and speculations about a possible film project since 2013. In 2014, Warner Bros acquired the rights to adapt the novel into a movie, but no further details have been announced since then. In 2019, Jamie McGuire posted on her Facebook page that she was working on a screenplay for Divna Propast with a new production company.



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