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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Mario Forever 6.0 UPDATED

"Well, just like 'Smart Women, Smart Money,' I really do believe in encouraging and empowering women. When I got elected, I was the youngest woman in the country to hold a statewide elected office, and I held that position for about three years, it's the kind of thing that doesn't last forever. Another woman who I believe the treasurer of Wisconsin replaced me as the youngest, so I knew that was gonna happen at some point, but it really is an important thing to me just to be encouraging women to take on greater levels of leadership, just to support them wherever they are, whatever it is they're doing ... So, this is something that is very much an issue of the heart for me. It's something I care about quite a bit and I do get a chance, often talk to women across the state. And I'm always encouraging them, that we need your voice. We need your potential and just trying to support them or whatever it is they're doing it," says Treasurer Ball.

Mario Forever 6.0



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