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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Black Mesa Flashlight Not Working

Half-Life 2: Episode One features a segment in which Gordon and Alyx must travel through pitch-black underground tunnels overrun with Zombies using only his suit's flashlight and flares for illumination. Zombies hidden in darkness are instantly attracted to the light source, and Fast Headcrabs clinging to the ceiling in ambush will immediately strike if a light shines upon them. In Half-Life 2: Episode Two, the flashlight was given a separate power source that had previously been shared with the sprinting and oxygen meters.

black mesa flashlight not working


As SAR-professional I have been working in the most remote places on earth for many years. Among other items, a reliable flashlight was always of great value. The RA-3X Pro not only meets my high personal expectations, but clearly exceeds the professional requirements in my field.

The Esco Lite blacklight flashlight was our top pick, a 51 UV LED flashlight emitting at 390 to 395-nanometer wavelengths. It can produce a sufficient fluorescent glow for detecting pet stains, finding scorpions, and detecting minerals. Keep on reading to learn more about our seven favorites.


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